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Does GIFwrapped have a URL scheme?

Heck yeah, it does!


The basic URL scheme will just open the app to where you had it open previously. It's the thought that counts, right?


Opens the app to the specified tab.

The tab name should be the lowercase equivalent of whatever is displayed in the tab bar, i.e. "search" will open the "Search" tab.


Perform a search on the specified tab. Get back results. Save the world.

This action only works on the Library and Search tabs, since Photos can't be searched from GIFwrapped.


Surprise search! Bet you didn't see that coming!


Super sweet callback URL for adding a quick option for copying a GIF to the clipboard and heading back to a pre-specified app. Use this one in combination with any of the above options for maximum awesome.

The source and callback parameters refer to the Name and URL of the app you want GIFwrapped to return to after copying the GIF. The specified format should be either image or url. This determines what exactly gets copied to the clipboard. If any of these options are not provided, or if the callback URL is invalid, GIFwrapped will ignore it like yesterday's cheeseburger.

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