The iOS app for collecting and sharing
GIFs right from your iPhone or iPad.

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To make things a little easier on everyone, I've collected some of the more useful assets and pieces of information that I had lying around, and collected them into a GitHub repository. You can also download everything as a zip file, or browse the contents below to your heart's content.

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For more information, custom graphics, or if you just need someone to talk to, please get in touch.

What is GIFwrapped?

If you consider yourself a GIF connoisseur, you've probably accumulated a go-to collection of images for sending to friends and enemies alike. GIFwrapped is an app for iOS that provides an easy way to collect, store and share GIFs on iOS, built just for people who take GIFs as seriously as they do their photo collection.

TL;DR: GIFwrapped is the app for building your own collection of GIFs and sharing them, right from your iPhone or iPad.

Key Features

  • Collect GIFs in your own custom library, and sync them between devices with Dropbox.
  • Quickly share GIFs using the built-in Messages app.
  • Search for GIFs using search powered by GIPHY, or download GIFs from a website with just the URL.
  • Share and save GIFs with your iCloud Photo Library.
  • Save GIFs from Twitter with the share extension.

Fact Sheet


Daniel "Jelly" Farrelly

Release Date

4 February 2014


iOS 9 or later, universal app for iPhone and iPad. Includes iMessage App, available on iOS 10 or later.


Free with In-app Purchases.



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To accept these screenshots into your life and give them the home they deserve, simply right click the appropriate image and select download. Alternate sizes of each image are available in the GitHub repository, or in the zip file.

Of course, please feel free to capture your own if you prefer… these are just provided for the sake of convenience.


These logos are crafted with the utmost of care, and as such it's important that you don't edit, distort or recolour them. You can, however, take them to the fair to buy cotton candy.

Only on special occasions, though.

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