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How does GIFwrapped handle caching?

The amount of space GIFwrapped takes up will depend on a number of settings and your particular usage of the app, some of which may not be entirely obvious. For example, the way Apple handles clearing their cache is somethingĀ of a mystery, even to me!With that in mind, allow me to explain a little about how GIFwrapped treats its data, including the image cache. That should give you a clearer understanding of what's happening and what you can do to keep the app's size down.

There's one main option that affects the Library itself, and it's only available when you have Dropbox sync enabled. This setting is the "Keep images on device" toggle, and it determines whether GIFwrapped will download images on-demand, or automatically download them while syncing.

The Search tab's caching needs are a little different, in that images are always downloaded on-demand, and GIFwrapped should clear them out when the search itself is cleared.

Of course, knowing when to deleted things from a cache is one of the great problems in programming, so GIFwrapped won't always get it right. For this purpose, a "Clear Image Cache" button has been included in "Advanced Settings" to allow you to decide when to delete all of GIFwrapped's images and thumbnails. GIFwrapped will then re-download them as required.

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