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Does the Library support folders?

Folders, categories and tags are often requested by users, and I hope to introduce some features in the coming year to address their concerns.

In the meantime, it might surprise you to know that GIFwrapped has some (very minor) support for folders already! The best part is, you don't even really have to do anything, it just happens.

Currently, the easiest way to get the Library sorted into folders is to turn on Dropbox sync, and then organise your folders within Dropbox's app, or using their website. Then just let the changes sync back.

Once you have, the Library will rearrange itself so that the GIFs in a folder are grouped together. It's not quite as neat as being able to browse down into the folder itself, but it's a great start. All those GIFs of Benedict Cumberbatch you've been arduously collecting will be grouped together, and you won't have to go over the entire library to find them any more.

Searching also supports folders, so as you tap in a few characters of your folder's name, your library will filter down until just that folder's contents are displayed. You can then search even further, and a search for "cumber promise" will find benadict-cumberbatch/promise.gif, no problems!

Sharing a URL for the GIF will also work entirely as expected, even if you use the mysterious "Custom" linking option found in Settings.

So while folders aren't quite what you'd expect in GIFwrapped, you can totally use them to help organise your collection, and to make life a little easier on yourself.

By setting them up now, you'll also automatically get the full benefits when improved support is finally shipped.

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