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What's new in v1.7?

There's a lot going on with GIFwrapped, and this release is no exception. I've started making big strides towards a new, hugely-improved UI, but while there's still a bit to go on that, I wanted to introduce a couple of new things for y'all to enjoy in the meantime!


The largest and most important change is the introduction of GIFwrapped Premium: an auto-renewing subscription that will remove the ads and unlock extra features. By subscribing, you're also supporting GIFwrapped's ongoing development.


This update also introduces something that's been in pre-release for a while, but which is now available to everyone: support for Bursts and Live Photos from your photo library! Quickly grab a GIF version of photos you take, and send 'em to friends. Great for realising you accidentally left live photo mode on when taking a picture of that cabinet in IKEA.


As always, I've been hard at work improving some of the minor stuff too. You know what they say: there's no such thing as a small feature, just small... uh... code? I really don't know where I was going with that.

If you're wondering about a bug that I haven't mentioned here, or if you're struggling to figure something out with GIFwrapped, please reach out! Send an email to or hit up @gifwrapped on Twitter, and I'll be available to help where I can!

Thanks for reading the release notes! You're a heckin' champion, and I believe in you. Fly strong, you beautiful eagle of light. Let nothing keep you from your dreams!

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