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Why isn't this GIF animating?

GIFs are awesome, but not all apps support them properly, which is pretty disappointing. Sometimes the image will accidentally be converted to a static image if you save it to Photos from apps that don't handle them just right, or when you post to a particular service from these apps.

When Saving...

To get around the issue when saving, you can add the GIF directly to your GIFwrapped library using the nifty "Save to GIFwrapped" extension.

If you really want to add it to Photos, GIFwrapped will always save the image correctly. Be warned, though; successfully saving it to Photos with the animation doesn't ensure that other apps can display it correctly.

When Posting...

Posting GIFs is a little trickier, and unfortunately, this can affect posting from GIFwrapped using the "Share Image" option. The various options in this share sheet are provided by other apps, so I don't have any control over how they're handled once I hand over the data.

You can always try copying and pasting to the app of your choice. Many apps support this because of the wealth of GIF keyboards available today. If all else fails, you can share a link to the GIF instead. It's not ideal, but it'll work.

If that fails you, I suggest getting in touch with the support team for the service you're trying to use, and telling them that this is a problem. Odds are, they're in a better position to resolve the issue than I am.

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